Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March, beading, spring, showers.

So yesterday I stared weaving beads. This is the fruit of one hours labor. Now I understand why people sell homemade jewelry for such a high price. I'm not so sure I make the best quality stuff though. So, I couldn't think of anything for my March resolution until yesterday: I have decided to finish/make projects. About four every month maybe...

This was Tuesdays outfit, I went to see Alice in wonderland with Friend! It was so much! I Saw it in 3-D Ah-mazing. First time ever watching 3-D in a theater.

This was my really dumbed down version of the red queen (I would dress like the evil one) The thing is, I really liked the dresses of the red kingdom, and I would love to wear all the hats the hatter made for the queen!

This skirt was a bit to tight, it looked weird when I sat down.

Tied boots! Love 'em:)

And I also wore this vintage lock and key necklace. It came off when I was skating so I decided to just hold it for the photo.

Now we come to Monday. I started out with a blazer for a jacket, but switched to this grey hoody because the blazer wasn't warm enough.
Everyone was like "your wearing shorts?" um yeah, with tights! I didn't think it was that warm...


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