Saturday, March 13, 2010

homeshool convention.

Yesterday was the start of the annual SWIHE homeschool convetion. And who says homeschooling Moms can't have great style? Meet Mrs.Jennifer bacon ('scuse me if I get your name wrong Mrs.) She is the wearer of some pretty sweet rainboots. It was raining yesterday, and she said she built the outfit around the boots. Don't you love how its neutral neutral neutral awesome patterned tights BRIGHT?!
yeah, that's what I thought.

So this was my outfit, I did a little quick change in the telephone booth. Well actually no, no not really, I just pulled the pink sweater skirt off becuase I was getting too hot.

And well-ah! we have this dressed. after I took the skirt off people started complimenting my dress. oh what you didn't like my outfit before?
Oh yes, and I finished my bracelet. Yay! I didn't know how to finish it right, so the clasp is a bit shaky, otherwise, I thought it was pretty.

It's so diffent wearing something I made, all the hours of work approx.6. it just made it special I guess.


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  1. OH! cute! I have to say I like it better without the pink skirt better! can't really tell you WHY! : ) Will you be joining my Modest Online Fashion Show? I'd love to have you! You can get all the details at