Friday, July 16, 2010

How would Anne wear tribal?

In times like these, that is the question I must ask myself. I'm not so sure she'd go for the red, but I think she'd like everything else:) z jacket and vezt were grandmothers attic finds, the shirt is from target, the shots were an old pair of grandpa pants I got at a yard sale bag sale and cut into shorts. Ummm the shoes are hand me downs? I think.
I have a surprise for you! But I can't tell till Monday, I just wanted to make it suspenceful:) Your welcome tehe
dats about as poofy as its gonna get.
I hate how it always turns out looking a little orange, its red!
Spying of course. L<3VED

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  1. Cool, cool!! That last image is adorable. You are definitely channeling her with your own flair added.