Friday, July 2, 2010

shes a lady-day 2

Well, hello there overexposeur-However you spell you. white top-vintage
teal shirt-so-thrifted:)
skirt-hand me down
not so knee highs-thank you mother:)
socks-thank you mother:)
shoes-hand-me-down and newwwww! hehe that excited me, if you couln't tell.

oh from wally world. Did you know they sell pocket watches? Soooo cool!
So today is day 2 of Natasha's fashion show...and this is what I am wearing for it....uhuh. yep.

Can't wait to celebrate freedom tomorrow with friend! We're going to a parrrrtaay. L<3VED


  1. I love that shirt, the collar is awesome. =D

  2. I love how you added a pop of blue in there;) Love the skirt!