Monday, July 12, 2010

What would Anne wear today?

This is day two of the anne of green gables fashion week. I wore my straw hat from my Grandma's attic, along with a head band I fashioned as a hat band. The dress was a thrift find, the slip is from my Grandma's attic, so is the purse. The shoes are my Mothers. So I am feeling very acomplished right now. You may have noticed that I have a new header, and blog button! I'm extreamly excited about that! If you wish, you may post my blog button on your blog *hint hint* haha.
I also put up a poll so you can share your opinion. I know I haven't been the best for substence here, I mostly just post photos and then go "um....bye" But I think I'd like to actually cover some issues. Like Modesty, and maybe something against the grain of femenism. I see a lot of blogs by people who are femenist, I'm not even sure I can spell that right, but anyway, I'm not one. Maybe there's something in that.
See how red my nose is? I think I have the cold my brother has.
ahh yes, and here is the poor image of one of the flowers in my garden. My camera has a setting for taking photos of flowers, sadly, I'm not sure it works.
I think using a headband as a hat band would be a very new age Anne look. L<3VED


  1. CUTE!! I love everything! =)


  2. oh thay bag I want to steal it from you! It's so cute!=)

  3. Love the new header!

  4. Looks great! Lovely Anne outfit. =]

    I love the new header! Congrats on figuring out how to do the button, I always feel so accomplished after figuring computer stuff out, lol!