Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yesterday was a good day:)

So..I dressed like a jeti...yeah, FINE luagh, but I've seen the signs okay! I've been seeing stuff about star wars, and lord of the rings and all this...nerdy stuff everywhere! So, awhile I go, I decided to go nerd, but I'm not exactly smart enough to go I have gone Average! woohoo! NO! Average does not equal normal. How dare you think that?
So yesterday I went to Kat's for school (School buddies!) and then we went to two consignment shops, where we didn't buy anything. We went to my house, then we went to her house again, then we went to walmart, and found these:
haha look at my eyes! We also found these lovely masks!
ahaha the card board got in the way. Five bucks! So, then we picked up some chinese food, and headed out to Kat's Uncle's river camp for a bon fire, and smore with-get this-reeses instead of hershys! SCORE!
It was such a fun day! Love you all!

P.S. Don't be offened my the term nerd, it is a very good thing.

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