Thursday, September 9, 2010

I didn't die, but I feel like a big meanie head:(

Today I realized that I'm like one of those mean girls from movies who say things like
"What are you wearing?"

I'm like
"Oh, where did you get that bag from?"
"Oh, some lady at my church gave it to me for my birthday,"
"yeah, coach is pretty popular. They use child labor though,"
"Oh no, now I feel bad for carrying it!"
"Oh, that was kind or my goal because I don't like coach,"
"I'm sorry, I'll hide it,"
"No, its okay if you want to like it, I just don't like them because of how people wear them just because they are poplar,"

Basically, I now feel like crap, though I did say I was sorry if I offended her, and I didn't mean to.
Hey hun, if your reading this, I would love it if you wore that bag proudly! Because that would show how awesome you are, I put you down, and you just keep wearing what you love to wear, and thats what I'm all about!
I really am sorry.

Just because I don't like somebody's shirt I shouldn't walk up to them and tell them that its ugly, or that I would never wear something like that. And I'm sorry if I've ever made any of you feel bad by putting down popular brand names.

Forgive me?


  1. Well that's what a grown up girl do, learn to accept one's mistakes and apologize, but I think your should apologize in person, just in case she wans't reading the blog. No one is perfect, I bet you we all come to a situation when we don't do the right thing, but that's okay if we repent and ask for forgiveness. I hope you feel better and you have never psoted anything mean to me, on the contraire, you are always kind and have a wit humor which I like.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement:)

    Yeah, I'm planning on apologizing in person, I'll see her again on Thursday. I just had to get it off my chest some how. The blog is perfect for that:)

  3. ....but at the same time it is good to bring awareness to it. It just wasn't the right time to bring it up. Maybe next time, mention it later. Preferably when they aren't using the purse. Some people can take it as judging. I recently discovered slave exploitation in chocolate. Esp in Hershey's. I don't eat Hershey's anymore (which is really difficult!) I always want to tell people about it, but I l also don't want to make it seem judgmental. So, like I said, i try to them in a different circumstance.

  4. It shows that you're growing in the Lord, that you can admit your mistakes and apologize for them. It shows maturity. :)

    I love you, E! Keep the faith - you're doing just fine! <3