Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Say what?

Okay so...this is weird. Since when do my photos go next to eachother? Whatever.
I had some cool photos-me posing with my hands over my eyes in an "ooh were in a music video, lets be dramatic!" sort of way, but it turns out my tummy was showing. OUCH. MAJOR BURN. haha

Its day...oh what day is it? It is some day in Marie Loves fashion show case. So click that button in my side bar, and link up!

cool flowing vintage fall colors shirt: G-mas attic
yellow belly bearing shirt (I didn't know! Also, I think it was just because of the strange pose):clothes give away.
the most ahhhhmazing pants: hand me down..I think
la shoes: 3 bucks at a yard sale. Woooo! sugerrr


  1. That vintage shirt is perfect for this fall! Love it!

  2. Vary cute!!