Monday, October 25, 2010

I was tagged

By KatySue from not all who wonder are lost. Isn't that a lovely blog name?

The rules to this tag are as follows:
You are given 8 questions from the person who tagged you before, your job is to answer them, write 8 questions of your own, then tag people with your questions.

1. Whats' your favorite article of clothing and why?
I have so many favorites! Hmm my white shirt. Oh, you may think thats plain and boring, but its the best for modesty tweeks!

2. What's a silly habit that you just can't break?
ugh, popping my everything that can be popped. I'm gonna have some bad arthritis.

3. Green nail polish, yea or nay?
oh yea for sure!

4. What would you consider the perfect afternoon?
A tea party on top of a hill with my best friends and chocolate chip cookies, brownie, fudge, and some pretty tree swings.

5. Is there a photo that takes your breath away?
All the photos that have taken my breath away, have always given it back.

6. Whats' the worst thing you've ever had to smell?
My friends feet when she takes her shoes off.

7. Quick it's a matter of extreme importance and you must decide right now......................................... Cherry Coke, or Cherry Pepsi??
cherry coke, because it sounds cuter:)

8. And lastly, do you like getting tagged? ;-)

Yes! Tags make my day! I took a while to get around to this one though...sowwy:/

So the new questions are:

1. If you could trade places with anybody for one day, who would it be?
2. What is your favorite thing to pretend?
3. What is the worst movie that has followed a book?
4. Have you ever set a password on your cell phone, and then it wouldn't work/you couldn't remember? (I ask this because my sister is desperately trying to unlock her phone...and mom is yelling at her...oopsy.)
5. What is you favorite thing about fall?

I'm just gonna do 5 questions. yeah. And I tag:

hehe I am having way too much fun with hyper links.

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