Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scared for a second there-day 5

So today is day five of the fashion show, and I nearly paniced when my photos wouldn't upload! Dad fixed the problem so yay!

Today I wore my "servent girl, but not really" dress to toast masters (speech) and to the library! I was at the library for an informative program about etsy!
The dress is vintage, from the attic.
The cardigan is vintage, from the attic
the shoes are my Mom's, well, pretty much mine. They are covergirl.
The belt was thrifted.

So I've been thinking lately about starting an etsy shop.

Well, actually I made a shop months ago with help from Dad, but I've never listed anything.

So I was wondering what you guys think? I thought maybe I could sell some vintage, some of the teshirts I "redecorate" and also some paper works, such as cards. I love writing greeting cards!

Also, does anybody know how I can get my words to go under my photos? I just started writting one day and it put it on the side, and its confusing and I REALLY don't like it :(
Thanks huns:) Now go link up!

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