Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I wear to work

Today is day 6 of a girls life fashion show. The theme for today is what you wear to work or to youth group. As my church does not have a youth group, I decided to show you my uniform! I covered the logos because I'm not sure about their interent policy. The shirt and apron were given to me by Amy-the manager. The shorts are mine, and I think they were hand-me-downs. The shoes were hand-me-downs, though I think they were brand new. And the socks were provided by my parents.
I work at a place that sells cookies! Its really fun too! I get to bake cookies, make smoothie (not actually that fun, I DO NOT like making smoothies. You can have a coke.) I also get to decorate cookies and cakes! Well, I'm practicing for decorating cakes anyway;)


  1. ohhh sounds like your job is alot of fun!!!

  2. Your uniform looks a lot like mine! Polo shirt, apron, sensible shoes, lol. I have to wear a hat though, which I don't like. =p