Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why hello there...

Fashion is a poem not a rhyme now presents...dunt dunt da da *GUYS IN KILTS* or, ya know, plaid at least. I think this came from a magazine, but I found it on some random blog and I can't really remember. If this photo is yours you can tell me to take it down, or give me your name so I can credit you:)

So basically I am stessededededed out. yes. LOTS of Eds, and in lots of stress. Its weird when I get "stressed" though, 'cause its not exactly stress...its more like

"OH MAH GOSH" *runs around house gathering food, blankets, books, pencils, paper, and candy* "I CAN HAS CHOCOLATE PLEAZE?"

Okay, fine, its not really like that. But basically...I still have a large amount of school work to do before Friday. eheha me no likey. And yet I'm on here, blogging, because thats what I do with worries/stressiness, I write. weeoooh. SLAP. You really don't need to be reading this, its just me making weird noises and stuff.^^ just admire that photo.

Monday: free day. Shoulda done my school while I had the chance! I did some though...

Tuesday: work 11-4

Wednesday: today. 9-1 work, 2-4:30 fall fest! Kinda a big deal around here..5:30 to 7:30ishabout, church. meheaha

Thursday: Toast masters 2-4, NEED TO: to research for paneled discussion, and find a speech topic. Benefits of skating? Buy or make b-day present for Hannah. ACTION PLAN: do just that. Oh yeah.

Friday: Tapestry with my dear friends. Cheer 2. Bowling NEED TO:read most of Exodus, answer church history questions. Read Jewish blessing book thingy magiger-we are studying Jewish holidays and such. Pick a thinking question to do. Finish writing assignment. Draw and label parts of earth worm. ACTION PLAN: If I finish researching, and I find a topic, read as much as possible. Then read more, and answer thinking question after speech. Draw, write. Blahaha

Saturday: NEED TO: find out if Kathryn want to come/can come with us to holiday world. ACTION PLAN: Call Kathryn

Sunday: Girl, go to church, relax soak in the sabbith rest. Enjoy your new friend Chloe visiting with her mom.

So basically... AHHHHHHHHH hahahaha hmm sleep.


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