Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What a wonderful day day dayyyyy

Sorry, Bryce, I know you don't like words spelled wrong on purposes. Shirt: Vintage G-mas attic
first skirt: Gift from Aunt B. (from Italy! In your face :O )
Second skirt: hand me down from Kat :)
Pants: $1.00 thrift
Shoes: hand-me-down.
Scarf: ??

So I went to the mall today and I got mint green nail polish! I have been searching for it for months! *pats self on back*
I also went to the doc's to have my physical. Why? Because I'm going to Colorodo this summer for a world view conference! Well, if I get accepted. So I had to get two shots :/ and pee in a cup.
Aww don't I look like a serine little wife who's husband just walked through the door?
Speaking of which, isn't God amazing? You see I was just thinking a lot about my "price charming" and I was getting sort of impatiant, and then on Sunday the sermon was about being patient and taking comfort in the Lord. Lemme tell you, I feel so much better now, I got the big man in charge looking out for me.
I have no idea how I would cope without having Christ in my life.
Goofy goofy, having lots of fun with this scarf!

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