Thursday, December 30, 2010

I wear the pants.

So I have these pants that my Nana bought for me when she visited (I only get to see her once a year) and they don't quite fit. For all of their cuteness I have to find other ways to wear them. So today I decided to wear them belted on. I went to the museum with a group of friends and in the parking lot some guy asked me to come show his daughter what I was wearing. The person at work in the gift shop compliminted me, and did a written portrait of me. I'll try and scan it for you later.

I actually used the flash to take these photos of our...dirty carpet, well, that wasn't the main focus. I just notice things...hehe

The green scarf had to be incorporated of course.

We went to Cici's (the most amazing pizza place ever!) after our trip to the museum.

And then the friends who were driving me home took me with them to the eye glass shop. Then we went to payless, TJmax and Target.

And I just wore PJs and my uniform yesterday, so I put the scarf on a straw hat for an "outfit photo"

Not exactly cheating. I just had such a wonderful day! Love you! L<3VED

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