Sunday, April 25, 2010

friday-homeschool highschool formal.

I loved it! And guess what! It was't lame! We even did a bit of dancing, love. After party: black light volly ball, human fuze ball, two a team dodge ball, tag, danced a sorta real.

The light for this is bad. but here is my favorite outfit of the evening:
Only reason I would ever want to be a man-its just not the same when I wear a kilt.

A day in paris was the theme:)

oh, did I mention this is tha ball we played volly ball and fuze ball with? We used a ton of beach balls for fuze ball too.

The shoe laces to me keds lighting up.

after party outfit.

Me and Sahah...though you can't really see her face:/ Anyway, grand time, L<3ved

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