Monday, April 12, 2010

New shipment of vintage.

So, Saturday was kinda...just..well AWESOME! I recieved a HUGE box of vintage and love from Aunt B. I found these lovely pants which I knew I had to wear that very day. So I washed them, put them on before they were fully dry, and then headed to my friends birthday party (the big five-zero;)

Anyway, here is the birthday boy "skate dancing," with his wife. I know right? The only grown man I know who is cool enough to have a party at a roller rink. Then we all headed to his house for TONs of food. I mean like 5 soups, a double oven top of cookies, a fruit tray, several breads. Well you get it, it was amazing.
Aren't they the sweetest thing? L<3VED

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