Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh my! I feel so stupid.

So all this time I've been like "nobody comments on my blog," because I thought I'd get an email or something. So today I went to edit a post and I saw all these comments!
So now I feel happy and kinda dumb. Thank you all so much!
Oh yeah, and Miss vinatage vixen, your awesome, I just read my first comments ever and it was from you, I would be honered if you wrote a guest post!


  1. Hahahaha awww you're so funny, girlfriend!
    And yes, indeed, alot of people comment on your blog! It's awesome!

    Good day to you, cupcake!

  2. LOL! Omy gosh, no! Ya can't offend me that easy! :) I understand your reasoning. However, its not mine. I don't "do" abacrombie and fitch because of the "pictures" on the walls, which go TOTALLY against my beliefs. I don't have any problems with Aeropostale, and do wear there brand sometimes. Not because its the "thing to do" but because its REALLY cheap when they're on sale! I'm such a sucker for sale items!:)

  3. yes well you always look very nice and put to gether:)
    I understand about the photos on the was; eww
    also it smells!