Friday, April 2, 2010

waoh! Ooh that's nice.

It's day five of AmandaBeth's second hand fashionshow.
Ugh it looks like I'm slumped really bad in this photo-I'm leaning against the wood. Not flattering. Shirt: vintage, grandma's attic, free
skirt: consigned, 6 or so dollars?
belt: vintage, hand-me-down from Katheryn
purse: old bonoculares case found in Mum's room-I think I should learn how to spell bonoculares
shoes: consigned, 2 or 3 dollars.

Today was really fun! I went to cicis pizza with a bunch of friends. I had this great pasta pizza (who knew) it was my first time trying it. Scrumdittilyumtious! I give it my stamp of approval.
ahh what is my camers doing to my skirt? I think it's the light....ugh this skirt is getting to short :'( it has served me well through the years. Well, maybe just one year...
It's better when I wear leggings, but it was too warm for that today. Yay! Oh, also, I forgot to tell you but for my April resolution I decided to keep a journal. I keep it in a beautiful book Aunt B. gave me awhile back-meybe I'll post a photo for you:)



  1. That is a really pretty skirt. :) And the binocular case is real cute. :D

  2. Love the fluffiness of the blouse and the cute skirt!

  3. This is such a romantic look. I really adore blue, white (and red) in spring and summer. Looks gorgeous

  4. I'm dying at how amazing that binocular case is... that is... amazing!