Sunday, April 4, 2010

the butterfly brooch: day 7

Hello loves, today I went to my cousins house for easter. Is it really so wrong that I put my tripod on a headstone to take this photo? butterfly brooch (who came up with that word anyway?) was a gift my Aunt gave to me yesterday, so I wore it today to thank her-also becuase it's pretty-the color scheme is perfection!
red dress: grandma's attic
white shirt: hand-me-down (you know what's weird? I forgot how to spell white for a scond there) (suprise!)
brown shirt: hand-me-down
shoes: hand-me-down

awful photo of my shoes:/
really cool shadow self (why are you following me?!)
The Lord is risen! L<3VED


  1. Love the dress and the broach!

  2. thanks:) Congradulation on getting in the top ten for AmandaBeths show!