Monday, May 10, 2010

I am erked! Here me ROAR erm, woops I mean rant.

You know what makes me mad? People. People who point fingers at people. People who need there pointing fingers broken, chopped off, bitten by an angry monkey who would also pull their hair out also. Not that I would ever do any of these things, I'm just mad right now.

Want to know why? *we interrupt this rant to say: ooh look at this cool consignment shop*
Well, my brother is a 17 year old boxer shower, who bikes, skateboards, skates, and ramps.
In the past few months he has been accused unlawfully for crimes he did not commit.

1. At about 11:00 one night a kid comes to our door saying David stole his bike. hmm brother, you be knocking on the wrong door. Well, turns out David had lent a bike to Conner and he thought David had said that he could keep it which was not true. Anyway, we didn't even have the bike at our house!

2.Lady shows up saying David drove through her yard and left tire tracks. Nobody saw him. She said that her daughter said that her friend said that David said that he wanted to leave tire tracks in her yard. Also not true, he said he wanted to egg her house (haha what an excuse) Anyway, the lady said that he left land rubber or whatever on their sidewalk.
The thing is, the car David had been driving all day was my Uncle Kenny's and he said that he tried to lay rubber several times and it wasn't happening' . Also he was with friends at the estimated time of the incident.

3. this just in-some guy at Rural King just accused David and his friend of stealing electric tape. David bought electric tape, and he saved the receipt-as he always does. He also say's he has several witnesses for him.

So there!
Anyway, I had more outfits, but I didn't get around to uploading them all, so for now you can just enjoy my cloak and my aprons, and such. I love them! I used to be scared to wear aprons and then I was like "screw it I like them and I don't care if you don't."

oh, by the way, my birthday was yesterday. !^-that is 16 with the shift button. L<3VED

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