Monday, May 24, 2010

I feel a great summer coming on.

Sunday was a fun day. We (my family:) went to the first church service and when we got home my sister and I (me and my sister?) went to our friend Celeste's house. It wasn't far, just across the street. She was celebrating her 14th birthday with a slip n' slide, friends, water balloons, and hamburgers. Don't mind all the stuff behind the scarfs. So I wore this to church. hehe I was trying to imatate a dance move. I love wearing all white clothing, it makes me feel fresh, clean, and sort of daring.
Okay, this photo has to be my favorite today. Why? Its just so darn cute!

haha Celeste is like "Oh you found one," I'm always annoying her by finding them because she wants to find them.

ooh can't wait to get in the real pool instead of the kitty pool. The kitty pool water was actually warm.

So I had a great Sunday and I'm really looking forward to the wrest of the summer. L<3VED

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