Monday, May 17, 2010

Three ways to brighten someones day

1.refill the toilet paper roll. Okay, we've all been there, (well if you have a big family) you sit down and your doing your business, you glance over and the toilet paper roll is empty. Okay this is an emergency situation! What are you going to do? So you see how refiling a toilet paper roll will definitely make someones day-even if they don't know it.

2.Throw the box away. You know what I seriously *I stop to acknowledge the fact that for the first time ever I did not have to use spell-check to spell seriously correctly* dislike? When I go snack searching in the kitchen and I find a box advertising delicious goods, I proceed to glance into the box and it's empty. wow! HUGE disappointment. So remember, when you throw a box away you will be stopping a world of pain for the hungry hobo who lives in your basement without your knowledge. haha woops, I wasn't supposed to tell you that....on to number 3!

3.Leave a penny on the ground for somebody to find.

If you remember and practice these three things you will be making this world a better place.

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