Friday, May 21, 2010

so basicaly. I keep losing track of time.

Which is why I haven't written in so long. Perhaps I should start scheduling posts? Anyway: Monday/wow I really need to clean my mirror. Tuesday


So we went to this free lunch thing and the car next to us convayed this message:

This was just a quick fit I threw on to go to lunch

I also made a ski bracelet...

This is what I wore after lunch (after showering)

I just cut the toes off these heels and stuck them in my shoes and was like "what?"


Thursay/yesterday So we went to the library and this was hanging on one of the shelfs. Therefor willard is my favorite library.
We went to the library for a cake decorating program. It was so much more fun then the two semesters of food decoration I took. It could have been because I didn't have to wash anything, bake anything, or carry around a bunch of stuff and be stressed out all the time.
I wore a dress only I tucked in the top so it looked like a lumpy skirt. I talked to a lady about costume design and guess who might be helping make munchin costumes for the wizard of Oz!
Friday/today wow. I went with my homeschool group to volunteer at camp reveal (a christian summer camp) and boy, was it had. We raised huge tents, took out a truck of trash-and I don't mean just bags of trash I mean a truck loaded with boxes and breaking bags of smelly nasty stuff.
I knew we were going to be working hard so I just went with jean shorts a black shirt and cool hair. L<3ved

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