Saturday, May 22, 2010

home school graduates.

Or, just one:) This is my friend Katheryn, she made the dress she is wearing, which by the way is absolutly stunning. It was not, however the way she had actually planned on wearing it. This dress was made out of the skirt of the original dress she made for her graduation recital. But when she tried to play in the dress, she couldn't. So she just finished this dress today. Congradulations Katheryn, not just for graduating, but for skipping the robe and awkward square thing.
This purse is not among the most practical things to use as a life carter. It may look roomy but I could verily fit my camera, wallet and sunglasses in it.
I found this scarf, along with an oposite (white on red) I think they were fifty cents a piece? hmm that or 25 cents each.
I wore this to Katheryns graduation recital and I wore a white oxford shirt, cool earrings, jeans, and a blazer to the homeschool graduation.
Meh shes are haning out on meh wall. L<3VED

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