Monday, January 3, 2011

I'll make a man out of you (Day 3)

I took a tiny adventure to the library today for photos. We have a cool library that is some what underground, so I took my photos "on the roof" It's neat because it has a little field, and a walk way around the field. Can you guess from the title what movie I picked up? I think next time I do an "Opening arms to heaven and making a joyful noise unto the Lord" pose, in a field I will raise my tri-pod. Don't I just look like Anne praying?

On the roof. Look at that beautiful sky! It was so clear, I spotted the little dipper (one of the two constolations I know) when I arrived home from the IOTC (Institute on the Constitution) class. It made me want to grab my telecope and scan the mid-night sky.

A few of these photos, were not taken on the roof, but on the entrace to a trail that runs off the library propery. I would have also taken a photo with a lake in the back ground, but I noticed the sign that boldly declaired "PRIVATE LAKE NO TRESPASSING"
Today is the third day of Natasha's fashion week. As usual I am up late blogging. It is unfortunate as my mother has decided to start getting us up earlier. I usually sleep till 9, she's waking us up at eight, and it is nearly 12 here. Yes, I am the master of being a "Lazy daisy"

We started school again today. The only real downer about that is math. Math is the menace of my life. Other then that I really enjoy it. Right now we are studying Greece, and of course, Greek mythology a long with it. I mostly read love stories today, they were beautful, but tragic in their turn.
I feel so poetic and happy today, but its mingled with sadness. My sister and I have some very dear friends, one who just moved, and another who is planning to move at the end of this month, or the begining of next.

I very much enjoy being a weirdo.
Purse: Vintage~Grandmother's attic
Tribal jacket thingy: Vintage~Grandmother's attic
Yellow cardi: Hand-me-down I think
Bathing suited ladies shirt: either retro, or vintage, I'm not sure which~Mother's Closet
Red Dress: Vintage~Grandmother's attic
Shoes: Hand-me-down.
The more layers I wear the more details I must type. Heh.


  1. Very Cute! I love the skirt and jacket!

  2. I love the burst of colours in your outfit, Wish I could see all the details in a closer view. :)

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  3. That tribal jacket is awesome! I need to meet this grandmother of yours. :)
    Your library looks really cool. I wish I could get on the roof of my library!

  4. I'd guess you picked up that Disney movie, Mulan.