Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Up on the roof top click click click

I went to the library again today, so more roof top photos! I enjoyed running around with my cloak flying behind me, fantasizing about what people thought when they saw me. I finally got to go to speed skating practice today! I've had work and events these past few weeks. I'm also going to the home school skate tomorrow. I don't have work on Friday, so I get to go to practice then too! Three days of skateworld in a row=one happy me. Also one happy sore me...
My purse in the 'field'
I wore my 'poof' today...that is why my skirt is so full.
hehe I'm obviously a traveler! A map skirt, and clocks set to times all around the world! (The clocks don't actually work :( )
Haha how awkward is that?

Cloak: Vintage~Aunt B.'s vintage collection
Jacket: Oh dear...on sale somewhere?
Red shirt: Hand-me-down
Dress: Hand-me-down? Thrifted? *sigh* I really should write this down.
MAP! Skirt: Thrifted for 4 bucks and 5o cents bucko
Boots: Charlotte Russe. $40.00 buckeroos. *wallet cringes*
Belt: Thrifted for a few bucks
purse: Vintage~Grandmother's attic

Outfit plan for tomorrow? JEDI!