Sunday, January 2, 2011

What works. (Day 2)

Today I actually took my photos outside! It was extreamely exciting. Screwing my camera onto a telescope tri-pod is the trick I used. Unfortunately it is not as easy to use as the tri-pod that is sadly lost. But it's what works. I photographed myself with the self timer at around 4 in the evening. Adventurously, I used three different locations, all in the perimiter of mine and my neighbor's yard. How daring. My face seems so unsure in this photo, but I love the outstretched arms. I'm open for creative criticism, I want to make my outfit photos better.
Details on the scarf. Also, mint green nail polish!

Today is day two of Natasha's Fashion week.

And I think this last photo is my favorite for the day.
Hat: Vantage~Capricorn's vintage
Shirt: So~Kohls About 5.00-gift from Nana
Dress: Gift from Aunt B.~All saints (from italy...made in china. hmm)
Jacket: Free clothes give away~some church
Scarf: A gift~Katy Kat
Purse: Vintage~Grandmother's Attic~Aunt B.'s vintage collection
Footless tights: Claires~$6.00
Shoes: Yardsale~Mother~ 2 buckeroos!
Comments, questions, complaints?