Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fifth day of the fever

BIEBER FEVER. ha. Just kidding.
But seriously, I've had a fever for five days. *gasp* After throwing on my ugliest sweet pants (aoropostal) and my t-shirt, the only thing I have changed since Friday, is socks and underwear and ya know, that other thing girls wear. I skipped work on Saturday, I stayed home from church on Sunday, yesterday I skipped my IOTC class. I don't have anything planned for today except sucking on mints and reading the odyssey. Now before you get to thinking I'm smart, 1.I had to good odyssey because I still can't spell it. 2.As I read my mind is thinking about everything BUT the odyssey 3.I have to use cliff notes to make sense of it all (mostly because I'm usually not paying attention as I read) (BUNNY)

So because nothing is new with my outfits, I figure I'll blog spam you with some things I've been thinking about lately.

-At my church, all the children are home schooled. This often wards off visitors. People will say they thought about coming, but they would feel out of it because they don't home school. It is not required that they home school, and I myself, and my friends from church, have public school friends who are very near and dear to us. The truth is that not every family is cut out for home schooling, and its possible that God has not called some people to home school. But just because you don't home school, doesn't mean you shouldn't come to our church.

Actually if you think about it, the reason we don't have public/private schoolers at our church is because of the people who don't come for that reason. If they came we would. (This all makes sense in my head)

Meh well, I guess I'll never take a step out of my front door because everybody else in my neighborhood is public schooled.

But I guess, b+a=c, and a+b doesn't.

I'm really not trying to bash anyone. But I've just been thinking about all this lately. People may think that we are excluding them, but really they are excluding themselves.

I mean all the time, every where I am surrounded ONLY by public/private schoolers, do I feel out of place? Well of course not. Do I feel pressed to go home and sit in my room all day and never go anywhere? No, no I'm quite the social butterfly. But I'm also REALLY shy. Just ignore that contradiction. It makes sense when you know me personally.

See the thing about being home schooled:
I don't go to your school, so I'm not going to help with popularity
I'm not learning at the same pace as you, whether it be slower, or faster, so I can't really help you get good grades.
I can't go to school with you, and stand up to the school bullies for you. I can't help you deal with the mean girls.

But I can be there for you when you come home crying because your 'friends' ditched you. I can be there for you when the kids on the street are making fun of your report card. I can be there for you and show you how to throw some really good punches, and I can listen when you talk about how that girl really hurt you today, and assure you that the things she said aren't true.
Yeah, and I'm never going to stop telling you to watch your mouth.

And just as you ask me about if I wear pajamas to school, I'm going to bombard you with questions about your uniform, and the school dances.

Anyway, please pray for healing!


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