Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Modest fashion show day 2

So this is actually yesterdays outfit, but I didn't get to upload yesterday, and I'm not really inlove with todays outfit, so here you go:) Now that I view these photos, I see it a bit frumpy. The shirt worn underneath is second hand SO, the eyelet skirt (which I love) is second hand wet seal, the swim suit cover up (yep, thats what it actually is) was a gift from my grandmother-or Nana, as I call her. And the belt is vintage, from my grandmas attic.
The T-strap sandels are from burlington coat factory.

Also, the blog that I'm doing the fashion show for has a really neat totorial up showing how to make flowers like these:

I pretty much spent all day yesterday sewing these and watching movies.


Thank you so much for the comments on my last post!


  1. Nice outfit!

    I love those little flowers! I wasn't sure how I was going to do the center, but you are so brilliant! Buttons! ;) I will have to sit down a whip out a bunch of those today. What kind of movies??

    In Christ Alone,

  2. I'm posting a tutorial on how to get the banner on your blog right now, so check my blog later.