Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'd like to travel to the land of skirt-thrifty and chic modest fashion show day the third

Todays outfit is in no way weather apropriet. Of course most of my outfits aren't, as I'm still in winter phase...I just love wearing heavy clothes, even coats, since I have some nice ones now. This is another reason I think I could survive in the city, where it is cold.. whistles Shirt: $0.50 at a yard sale.
Linda Affard for Ellen Tracy skirt: $4.50 at wold wide missions (consignment shop)
Pocket watch: Birthday gift from my friend (she found it at a yard sale)
union bay wedges: $0.50 at a yard sale (they are sooooo comfy!)

Oooh look at me, getting all high teck using my Dad's tripod instead of my midget one. Thats why I actually have good outfit photos today, I think I'll be using this method more often.

I'm not sure what that is^^ but it looks like a bubble. I think its a cup.
Suprisingly, I actually fit comfortably in this skirt now, before it was a squeeze. I guess thats what giving up soda does to me...sigh, guess I'll have to start drinking it again so I can get some meat on my bones;) just kidding...L<3VED


  1. Wow, that’s a really unique outfit! I’ve never seen a skirt like that before. =) Cool choices!


  2. You look beautiful,I really like the pattern mix, the shirt is wonderful and that is a very nice pocket watch! I need to buy a tripod, I don't have one so I just place my camera wherever I can hehe. =)

  3. I really like this! What kind of shoes are you wearing? They look cute.

  4. wow lovely skirt looks awesome