Friday, June 25, 2010

Help me?

I feel like....a reporter. And I'm so confused. There is the right to freedom of the press, and there are issues I feel like I need to address. But...ugh I just don't know. Keeping things private feels like the harder, yet better way to go, but blogging about it feels so nice, I don't use names, but I still feel like I'm telling on somebody-even though barley anyone reads my blog. I can't figure this out. Do I write what I feel, so that the world can see and learn? Or do I confront personally, making the wrest of my homeschool life awkward? It comes to this; having people hate me for sharing truths publicly, or having them hate me, for doing it privately. Or storing up hate within by saying nothing at all.

Any advise?


  1. I was once told, don't write anything that someone can read and that can embarrass you later or create hard feelings, I've tried to be careful, just in case not share too much since as you said enyone can read the blog, so my advice would be to not share much, share what you would share with anyone you first met, but that's just my opinion. Hope you decide on what to do =)

  2. Don't ever write anything you'll regret! This is the internet, and it will be here forever!
    That being said, you still have the freedom of speech! I don't really know what your reffering to here, so this is kind of hard. If by "issues" you mean like, economy, God, or something then go for it! You can write about anything you want, just don't write or do anything you'll regret! ;P Hope this helps!