Monday, June 21, 2010

haha my new favorite thing (thrifty and chic modest fashion show, day 2)

So awhile back, I was at as good as new consignments and I found these glasses. I showed them to my Mom, she loved them and wanted to make them her glasses, I showed them to my sister, she loved them and wanted to wear them to co-op. Anyway, my Mom bought them, hoping she could put her subscription into them, and a while later she kinda gave up, and gave them to me.
I used a tiny screw driver and took the frames off to take the glass out. These are makeup glasses, used for puting on eye make up. You flip one side down and then the other, that way you can see what your doing. Interesting huh?
Glasses: as good as new-about 2 dollars
sonama shirt: a thrift store I will refrain from metioning, but it was fifty cents, and I tie-died it the other day.
wossono skirt: hand me down. FREE:)
classified shoes: burlington coat factory, on sale for 7 something.

Peace out mann ;) L<3VED


  1. Haha! Those are...interesting glasses--cute idea! I love the way you tie-dyed your shirt. I have never done that before, but it *is* a very thrifty way of making shirts look pretty!

    Can't wait to see more outfits!