Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Was it you who spoke the words?

Was it you who spoke the words, that things would happen, but not to me. Oh things are going to happen natral lalalala yeah I've had this Jason Mraz song stuck in my head. But thats okay, because I love it.

Today I had work from 11-4, but I was dropped off more then an hour early because my sister had an eye appointment.

After work I had a McNasty burder, it was dry, and greasey. I think the only reason I can usually scarf them down, is because I drown them in ketchup first. But I didn't this time. Then I cashed a check at the bank, and headed over to Aldis and got a 12 OZ bag of cranberries. I am so excited to make cranberry sauce for thanksgiving this year!

These pretty flowers are for my Grandmother for Thanksgiving. But shh, don't tell!

So after our errands me, my Mother, and my sister went to Ladies night out with a bunch of gals from church at a pizza place. It was great! And a friend of mine gave me a box of craft supplies. SCORE!

Today is my Mom's 50th birthday, and she died her hair purple for the occasion. But her hair is really dark, so it didn't take very well:/ She said she'll try again at 60.

Still the life of the party. ;)


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  1. That is THE cutest outfit! I love it! BEAUTIFUL skirt! Keep up the good work!
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