Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So sorry love.

I know its been awhile. I usure you that I have still been dressing up, I just haven't been photographing enough. These outfit photos are from Sunday. I borrowed an amazing book from the library called 'the fashion file' from the costume directors of mad men. Every day now I wake up and say to myself "Who do you want to be today?" And everyday I've dressed so that I don't even worry that my outfit isn't "good enough" its weird that one small question each morning can change my whole view on my wardrobe.

I picked up some things during larg trash pick up. :D

Thanks to Becca for the photos!

I went with some friends to see Ballet Magnificat's 'deliver us' it was absolutly amazing! If they ever tour in your area, you should def. go. I almost cried during it. Seriously moving.


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  1. Love that quote and I ask myself that question everytime I look in my closet! It's awesome that someone famous said it too!
    I dress everyday like this day is a memory and since I'm going to remember every moment of this most fantastic day I want my wardrobe to be amazing and not the same old jeans and t-shirts!
    I think I may have to expound on this subject in a post, thanks for the insperation!!
    I love the dress by the way, the colors are splendid!