Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've been practicing my posing.

Laura Conrad style! heh. I wore this nearly a week ago, it was a Thursday. :D We went to an easter egg hunt so my little brother could get me some chocolate...erm, I mean, hunt for eggs! And we got free food, which is always a plus. Also, I got to pose around the churches lake! Boooyah!

I know, I'm so gala. Long dress, tiny clutch.

When will my reflection show, whoooooooooo I aaaaaaaam innnnnnnsideeeeeeee? heh.

Air plane!

Downside of straplessness.

That is one foxy greek foot pokeing out under that foxy maxi dress. Foxy.

Perdyfull. L<3VED

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  1. Love all the fun poses, the reflection picture was pretty neat!