Tuesday, February 23, 2010

baby it's cold outside.

I did not wear this outfit all day. I didn't wear it babysitting, I just wore boring jeans and a t-shirt. Always a possibily of clothes getting ruined by bodily fluids with that job... Anyway, I wore this after babysitting because I was feeling dreary, boring, dull, all those words that mean I was having a crappy day. But when I put this on, my life transformed!
I went to my constitution class and got so many compliments! My mom was like "how come my kids can't dress normal?" I asked her if she wanted me to wear Abercromie clothes, uggs boots, beaver creeks, and a coach bag (all the things we dislike) she made some funny noises, and faces;)
When we were leaving class I was like "that was so fun," my mom was like "of course you had fun, you were wearing a party dress," So, all in all, a pretty good day, L<3VED


  1. I like the little bow tie, so cute!

  2. Hahahaha, those are all the things I don't like either! I love your voluminous skirt!

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