Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy new month:)

You may think it's odd, but this year I am making a resolution for every month. Instead of taking on a bunch of resolutions at once, I'll form them slowly through the year. So I'll be 12 times heathier by 2011. In January I started doing breathing excersizes, and practicing the piano. I also resolved to start practicing guitar...which only happened on the 1st;) Two out of three isn't bad.
February: Excersize! So on Monday I did tao-bo with a billy blanks VCR and on Tuesday I walked three miles with Leslie Sansone using her five mile super challenge DVD. I think I'm going to go with Leslie. Both programs are great! And excersize just makes the body feel awesome!
I couldn't really get a clear photo of the earring.
This necklace is actually four necklaces hooked together, and my all purpose hair bow. L<3VED

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