Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So first let me tell you something, Saturday was the begining of spring where I live....winter set in on Monday. So I enjoyed two days of skating, and fun in the sun. When Monday came around I felt like a plant that had been tricked into bluming too early, and would have to endure the wrath of cold air. But, Sunday was indeed a beautiful day. First was church, I brought Friend from across the street, and we hung out all day. We go to a country church and it was so lovely taking a walk after the service.
Then we went skating, I fell and got a scrape on my knee, but it did not dim my good day.
Then the evening service, and after that I went to Besties church for youth group which was so fun! We played every man for himself dodge ball, I really didn't particapate so much as watch, but it was like being in a comedy the people there were so funny!
Summer, if you can hear me, please come home. L<3VED

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