Sunday, January 31, 2010

drapes, layers...undergarments?

So this look was inspired by some blog posts and a movie I watched last night. Yesterday was a sick day, I just wore sweats and emtied boxes of tissues-yeah, you wanted to know that. But since I went to the evening service at church today, I decided to wear this Puffy sleeve, always reminds me of Anne of green gables.
So yeah, blog posts, I was just browsing different blogs and came upon the lady lust of drapes and layers. Also, one girls look included a garmet that looked rather like a fancy pink bra? Not really my thing, but I do think I'll be doing a bit more work with slips. Also, having a vintage slip and this transparent dress-the possibilys are endless!
Oh, and this is just a hairbow in my button hole. I would really like some lucky charm cerial right now.
And a hair cut, as this long boring style doesn't suit me. My hair just looks flat and dull all the time, but I really don't know what to do about it.
Yes, so that's pretty much it, my cold is much better now, though my lips seem off color somehow. I think it's because they're dry, I was too lazy to search my bag for chapstick. But now Burt's on the case;) L<3VED

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