Monday, January 4, 2010

What time is it? Bad quality photo time!

These are some of the items I picked up in Grandma's attic on Saturday. beautiful bracelet that would also look great as a necklace.
A darling bracelet.

clip on earrings

Powerful homemade statement necklace.

And these clip on earrings that remind my sister of the ball that is dropped in Newyork.
So now something funny: I was walking around the mall with some friends and a lady started to talk to me, Our conversation went something like this:
Random Lady: I love your bag where did you get it?
me:Grandma's attic
Random Lady: Oh and where is that?
me:in my Grandma's attic.
Random lady: oh
me: yeah, litterally, my Grandma's attic.
So I guess if I ever have my own vintage store I'm going to call it Grandma's attic (closet?) because everybody should have a place full of untold riches, where they can find inspiration and beauty. But I'll rid my store of dust, muste, flys, wasps, snakes, spiderwebs, and creepy sounds. yeah, I find a weapon quick when I dare to go up there alone.....L<3VED

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