Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby its cold outside

When I woke up today I was c-c-cold. I found out early on that the heater had broken. So I headed to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of hot chocolate. Then I figured out that we were staying home from church because my Mom is sick and my Dad is having problems with his heart. So it would be super if you prayed for them.
hmmm so I guess I feeling fancy today, thinking about big social events and how I'll never get to go to a highschool dance, such as prom. Unless I go crashing with the friends;)
So, the bow. My Mom's old bow from when she was young. Friend gave me the dress
urm, the shirt was second hand? I think
the jeans are my sisters and they used to be my brothers.

Anyway, I went to the evening church service so that was pretty gggreat!

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