Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I got my permit today!

So according to Todd, my outfit was more normal today. How insulting. I am not a setting on a washing machine.
Having said that, I feel I should explain my personal feelings about the way I dress.
I am a shy, quite person most of the time, who gets yelled at in drama class for not projecting. When I wear clothes that are sort of "out there," I feel like I'm projecting. I feel like, if I'm too shy to say something, then my clothes will just make the statement for me.

So sometimes when I feel like just an "average joe," or I just want to fit in (ick) I'll be simple: t-shirt, scarf, jeans boots, necklace:bam! normal! Average! Look at me and snore. clone.

Sometimes, I'll dress "out there," I'm being loud, fun to be around, smile at me, I'll show you a good time.

I'll sometimes dress sweet, pink skirt, botton down shirt, I'm the good girl, behiving right, being a lady, I'll talk about Jane Austin with you.

Then sometimes, I feel old, and I don't care how I look, and you'll see me in a semi decent outfit.

I think that sums it up, just thought I'd post that, it seems that every fashion blogger has a reason for the way they dress, and I just wanted to share mine.
And yes, great outfits start great conversations. If I'm too shy to introduce myself, I use my outfits to give people a reason to talk to me.

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