Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm crashing now

It's always sad when I must say goodbye to my friends, more so when I only see one of them about twice a year. I wore this loverly vintage jacket on Friday: The e necklace was a birthday gift from friend about two years ago.
The hand belongs to my sister.

Saturday/today, man what a great day! Went to the mall and hung out. Bought hair mascara for my sister for christmas. This jacket/shirt was a gift from friend, it's vintage and it has a matching skirt but I wore it with jeans instead. I just wore the shoes above with this.
This picture doen't capture it's awesomeness. Sorry.

The jewelry is my Mom's and I borrow her stuff all the time. It's lovely.
Now this is the other outfit I wore today:

I had a family Christmas party to attend.

The dress is from Aunt B. and so is the vintage clutch.

I bought the gloves last year and this is the first time I've actually incorperated them in an outfit. It worked out quite well. That bump encircleing my arm is my watch.

When we were at the mall Friend bought me this hair band as a Christmas presant, I thought it best to wear it to the party.
I bought a few things so stay tuned, L<3VED

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