Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crushing a crush

As Ian, our director paced back and forth across the church floor, a foreboding feeling grew inside of me. He talked about how relationships of the romantic type were not to be formed, how they had never, in the history of Smorgasbord, worked out. There were too many high emotions being relieved in the art we called drama. As he talked about all of these things, I knew for sure that I was in love with Logan.

So to get rid of my Crush on Jacob, I wrote a song about it! Its very good release.

You're so cute, like totally adorable
I feel like a total prep when I say:
I hope you're not gay.

You've had me going for years
conventionally disturbed
Perfect hair, beautiful face
beautifully slouched
Beautiful smile.

And now we're here together I still don't know
but its against the law.
I hate this girlish love romance
I hate this girlish crush romance

The only problem besides that one:
You haven't given me a glance.

So thats how my song for Bryce went. It was about 1 in the morn when I wrote it, but I'm sure you could tell. I did switch some things up when I rewrote this though.

So another thing I did to rid myself of my crush on Kyle, by writing in my journal about it!

But now we've come to the most important part, I prayed. I talked to God about Zach, and asked him for forgiveness for my lust, and to break this silly crush, and to give me and my crush a great friendship.

Then I told a very good friend about my crush on Jake, and asked her to pray about it for me also.

I hope my trying to make a comedy that still teaches about a serious subject worked!

See all those different names up there? How fast we go through crushes? We know nothing about our crushes. They're cute=young girl instantly "in love". Some people have many crushes at the same time! Usually, we're irrational and scared to talk to them. (Or is that just a shy kid thing? :)

The best thing that we can do about this, is pray, and ask someone else to pray for you, because its just nice to have that sort of support, and if the person you confide in is really your friend, she wont let the cat out of the bag, and she'll honesty pray for you.

I don't think I've ever asked a friend to pray for me about this, I usually just write a song, pray, and get over. But it really is nice to have friends pray for you.

Also, thank you all for the lovely comments! I'll try and get back to some fashion stuff for yah. Starting this blog has made me realize though, that I am much more then the clothes I wear.


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