Thursday, March 10, 2011

I always realize...

How frumpy I look when I see my photos. Ah well, I still love my outfits!

It was a rainy day, so the yellow boots came out to play...and I ran them through mud and puddles. Good day.

I went to the hard ware store, which entails walking down my street, rushing over a neighbors lawn, climbing a tiny man made hill thing, strolling over this weird netting all over the land, taking great care not to slip and fall into a lake, acting natural as passing the lumber yard security gaurd, smiling at the employees who stare awkwardly when the force is used to open the door, and acting very interested in patios when someone gives an odd glance.

But its all worth it to smell ideas and creative materials. Its almost as good as having a craft store in walking distance. And I guess it is, just a different kind of craft.


Oh, and P.S. Home school convetion tomorrow! I'm so excited!


  1. Lovely colour combination :)

  2. Haha, that outfit is so..unique! Wow, the shorts around the middle..wouldn't have thought of that one! :) You are so cute, my dear. :D

    Thank you for your comment on my "flirtation" post. :) I didn't mind at *all* about your "mammoth comment;" it was so wonderful to hear about your experiance and how you are SO courageous in doing what is right! Wow, I really commend you for doing what you did..that is amazing, and I don't think I could have done it. ;) I am so glad things are worked out between you two..keep strong in the LORD, girl!


  3. love those bright yellow boots! I've wanted a pair like that for so long.
    And can I just say I am so flattered that I would come to mind while you have been learning to sew! :) I hope it's going well, I want to see the things you make when you start sewing!