Monday, March 7, 2011

Its not about the 'ha' cha-ching cha-ching, aint about the "yeah" ba-bling ba-bling

Forget about the price tag, just want to make the world dance. Another day, another dog. Doen't it look like I need a scottie dog? aww
So I really just wanted to wear my red hat to day...let me rephrase that, I really wanted to wear my red hat today. So I thought the hat and the scarf would be a brilliant combo, but I wanted to pick up the color yellow from the scarf, and I don't have a yellow shirt. So I buttoned on my cropped cardi, then put the button down over it. Since the cardi looked delightful under the shirt, I didn't want to place the scarf over it. So I belted it with a vintage purse strap.

Sorry for the awkwardness of this photo. I was trying to get the back view.

I'm just missing green socks ;)

Oh, and this is the skirt I bought! (It has pockets!)


  1. You do need a little scottie dog, are't they the cutest? =)

  2. Oh goodness gracious, just letting you know that the comment you left on my braces blog post was the kindest and awesomest thing I've ever heard... thank you so much.

    (Oh and your blog header is awesome.)

  3. Lovely and creative look... I love how you used different items you had on hands in new ways to create the look you were imagining. And your red beret is adorable. All you need is that scottie dog!