Monday, August 23, 2010

Almoste time to leave

So we're leaving for Indianapolis-well, we are staying out side of Indy, but we are visiting museums and the zoo in Indy. This is an outfit I'm taking: The shorts and yellow shirt are from a clothes give away we went to on Saturday, it was raining, but I walked around and found some good stuff.
The shirt in this photo is also from the give away. I made this bracelet yesterday after eating some water melon. I know you can't see it well, but they are watermelon seeds. Pretty cool aye? Yeah, I know XD
Now to todays outfit-which is put together in photos because I didn't want to leave my room.
Today we tried to go the CMOE-a childrens mesuem in our area, but it was closed, we tried to go see the LST, but it left, and we tried to go to another mesuem...which was also closed. So we ended up at the zoo.
I also went to the chiro today because I've had a head ache for a week. My brothers feet stink. He's sitting right next to me. It reeks. *passes out* *wake up to sign off*
L<3VED *passes out again*

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