Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Name calling.

The time has now come to write about something that I was raging about a few months ago. I have now calmed down enough that instead of ranting, I will be expressing views and opinions that could help and encourage and convict other people. Which is what I want to do.

We all know that in our dress we communicate ideas, which is why fashion is sometimes called "wearable art" I was talking with a friend from church about clothing and communication. She told me that when she was in high school it was sort of the "pre goth" era, and that kids would wear safety pins in their cheeks and ask her what they thought about them.
She said that if she dressed in (I forgot her first example so I'll make up one) a suit you would think something of her, and if she dressed like a doctor-with a stethoscope and a white jacket, you would think something different. So we came to the conclusion and the safety pin cheek people were scary.
This conversation really helped me as I had struggled with the idea of actually communicating with fashion. Most of the time I just think "This looks awesome, people will think its weird, I'm going to wear this loud and proud,"

The thing about fashion in Christianity is that we want to communicate that we are not part of the crowd, and that we a confident in who we are in Christ. I do this by staying modest.

Pentecostals (I don't want to stereotype so I wont use a sweeping generalization) generally wear skirts and don't cut their hair.

The thing is, sometimes things are wrongly interpreted. And sometimes are wrongly interpreted on purpose which I think has happened to me.

You know that lovely red beret I sometimes wear? A while ago somebody commented on it saying something about me being a jew. This person was there when I took my vows at my church-Covenant reformed orthodox presbyterian church (Yes, I dare you to remember that name after only reading it once;) And I knew he knew that I'm not a jew. At the time this young man's father was there and he did say something about it which I was grateful for.

Just today that same young man made another comment. I was wearing my Narnia elf princess crown thingy (do they have elves in Narnia?) Anyway, here is how the conversation went:
"Elf queen,"
"Elf queen!"
I regret now that I did not follow this script:
"have you ever seen a hippie?"
"how do you know what they look like?"
"do you know what they believe?"

"You know that I am a professing Christian because you were there when I took my vows,are you trying to offend me?"

Anyway this is turning into a rather long post for having zero photos.
Bottom line is, do not put others down, lift them up and encourage them in their faith.

Thanks for reading, L<3ved


  1. Your concluding statement says it all. It is sad that so many people feel a need to put others down. And it hurts all the more when a fellow Christian is causing the pain.

  2. Hey girl!
    It was really sad to read this post. I understand how difficult it can be when people criticize or mock the way you look, especially a Christian. As Christians, it is important to remember that God looks not at the outward appearance, but at the heart. How important it is, then, that we do the same! Don't let people get you down.

    When I feel criticized, I remember this quote:

    "Most [people] respect a guy or girl who has the courage to be his [or her!] person, even when being teased." - Dr. James Dobson

    It is very true! I speak from experience.
    I know two teenage boys at my church. They are very kind, sincere Christians, but they are a little different than everyone else. It is easy to tease them. But they do not let what other people think of them dictate how they act or what they do. And everyone really respects them for that. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say they are the most respected teens in the church, and the most popular. So many people (esp. teens!) are very insecure, and they try and bring other people down with their words. Most people are then torn apart, but those who stand firm and don't let it bother them are respected. Be who you are and who God wants you to be!

    Allison Elizabeth♥

  3. I think I know now what you mean. (I don't know if I'm supposed to use your name here or not. xD) People at church can be just cruel as those at any other social gathering, though admittedly it is worse when it comes from inside the body of Christ. Keep in mind that we're all learning and growing in our personal walks with God - that young man may well not have thought about what he said to you beforehand, and likely it didn't cross his mind again afterwards. It is easy to be bitter, and well I know this, for I have been quite bitter myself towards many people. I truly respect you for putting on the armor of Light and not conforming to this world, and for learning a lesson to apply in your own life rather than worrying about someone else's problems. You're making an example that we all - that I! - would do well to follow. Keep the faith!

    Your SIC (Sister in Christ),