Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ever blogger knows....

That once the sun is down, good blog photos are hard to come by. See what I mean? This is the result of taking photos in the hallway, you know, the place where everybody walks!

"Ten seconds is all I ask!" I exclaimed in a tone of panic as my mother and brother rushed to get out of my way. Still blury:b But these next ones are better.
hmm lets see....
Jacket: Gift-Friend
White shirt: Gift-Nana
red dress: vintage-G-ma's attic
map skirt: Thrifted-$4.50-wwm
sandals: Mothers. But practicaly mine.
Pocket watch: Gift-Friend

Origanaly I put on the map skirt on with a grape shirt and my "egyptian sandals" Because we are studying ancient Eygpt in school. "Again Mom?" haha do you have any revisited subjects in your schooling?
We are using the curiculam Tabestry of grace this year for history, geography, Bible, and liturature. And we are doing it with another homeschool family. Ya know, the one my best friend lives in:) It should be a blast!
For math we use the teaching Text books. I'm in Alegabra 1. Yes I know! Very behind!
And we are doing a homeschool co-op called CHEER 2 and I'll be taking basic cooking skills, writing, and biology disection (should be fun:) for the first semester.
We are also participating in Edu-teens/kids, which will be more of a field trip/volunteer this year since it pretty much failed as a co-op. I'm also doing Toast masters with some of the edu-teens people. I cannot wait! L<3ved

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