Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heading off to Indy in a few hours.

I'll be back sometime on Saturday. Until then watch this music video over and over again. A WARNING though, she dresses rather immodestly, its like the Miley thing where she wears bathing suits instead of clothes. Only, this music is much better then Mileys.

There will be a quiz when I get back.

Remember, modest is hottest, and you don't have to shave and wax as much. So keep clothed.


  1. Would you tell me what the name of the song was?It says I can't open it here in Germany as it contains some Sony content.I'd love to hear it though.
    Have a good,good time in Indy!

  2. The song is the drumming song by Florence + the machine.
    Thanks, I'll try:)